Knitting Hack: How to End a Circular Knitting Project

How to finish off a circular knit project. There are lots of little tricks in knitting that you don’t necessarily learn when you’re learning how to knit, particularly if you learned from the Internet (not that there’s anything wrong with that; I’m proud to teach people to knit online!) or a book because you’re not really seeing how another person knits and they might not remember all the little things they didn’t know when they were new to knitting.

So it’s great when you can pick up some of those little tips along the way, like this one about how to finish off the knitting when you bind off a circular knit project. This comes from Susi at Just Crafty Enough, and this is how I do it, too.

Basically you just need to make a loop with the tail that looks like a bound off stitch, then weave in the end as normal and it will be difficult to tell where the end of the round was by looking at the bind off. It’s a great way to make your projects look a little more finished, and it doesn’t really take any extra time at all.

Do you do this? I’d love to hear any tricks you have for making circular knitting a little easier.

[Photo via Just Crafty Enough.]

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