Knitting Retreats…

Have you ever gone to one? A Knitting Retreat? Personally, I never have, being of the farm-girl variety, it would be awfully difficult to get away, but I hear they’re great!

Here’s one I just saw listed in the Charleston Daily Mail, in what I believe to be West Virginia:

A three-day Knitting Retreat will be held Sept. 17-19 at Camp Horseshoe in Tucker County.

Leave me a comment about your favorite knitting retreat. Or if you haven’t been to one, what is your idea of a knitting retreat? Chocolate by the seashore, or Margaritas in a treehouse…….


  1. April says

    My first knitting retreat was at CGOA last year. I had 5 days of knitting. I was so excited because I met Drew Emborsky and actually got to sit for about an hour while he worked on a project. I also met Rita Weis. It was really cool.

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