Knitting Tools Help You Keep Track of Place in Knitting

after this row socksI know I’m not the only one who has put a knitting project down for much longer than I intended to, thinking that I would remember where I was in the pattern when I got back only to have no clue at all when I look at the knitting again where I’m supposed to start (please tell me that’s not just me, anyway!).

There are many possible ways to prevent this sort of situation from happening, from writing notes on the pattern to keeping a hashmark tally of what row you’re on or using an actual row counter (or row counter app on your iPhone) to keep track of where you are.

Knitter Joyce Garris has come up with another system that she calls After This Row. Sold as a PDF, the system is basically a chart on which you can write all the basics of the pattern, where it came from, how many stitches you cast on, any special shaping or stitches that might happen on particular rows and write notes to yourself as you go.

You then use it as a row counter, checking off rows as you go, so you always know what row you should be on when you pick up the knitting again.

There are also pages here that you can print out to make yourself a project journal including more notes, the ball band for the yarn you used and more detailed information on the project. There are also printable shopping lists, a list of abbreviations and a smaller note page you can carry with you to take notes on things you see at the yarn store or to use as a bookmark when you’re looking through knitting books or magazines.

There are four versions of this “book,” for knitting sweaters from the bottom up or top down, for scarves and shawls and for socks and leggings. I’m not sure what the differences would be in the different printouts, but I’ve seen the sock one and it seems like you could use it for just about any project you’d want (except the row numbers only go to 300, so if you need more than that you’d have to print out more pages and remember that the numbers are wrong).

The whole project book as described here is available for $4.99, or individual project sheets for each type of project can be purchased for $1.99 each. (Of course each can be printed out and used as often as you like.)

This system could be good for people who like to take a lot of notes while they’re knitting and don’t want to develop their own system. What do you think? Have you ever used anything like this? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


  1. Meg says

    What a good idea! I use a “system” of using a photocopied pattern where I scribble notes as I go and keep track of rows, moving onto the back or to post a notes as needed. Heaven forbid if that project hibernates for a while:-P Then the pattern goes in the box of knitting patterns, articles, and other miscellaneous papers and I search for hours if I need it again. Obviously, a real system is something I definitely need!

  2. Claire C says

    This system sounds great, I have made some notes in the past, but, not enough to come back to in several weeks or months time. I usually end up undoing loads of it, particularly if it’s an involved pattern to try and work it out. I have been known to completely undo an item because the pattern doesn’t look the same when it’s picked up at a later date.
    I hope I win this prize as I would be able to finish off so many items if I don’t have the “time” to finish a garment off until later.

  3. Joanne Mohr says

    This systems sounds better than what I use now. I use scrap paper and keep track of where I’m at. Your system is much better and would like to win the prize so I can keep myself straight. Thanks

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