Learn How to Measure Yourself for Knits

tips for measuring a comfort garment to determine your ideal fitA lot of knitters embark on their first sweater with some fear related to knitting the right size that will actually fit them and look good on their bodies.

Knitting Daily is helping to take some of the guesswork out of choosing a size with its guide to knitting measurements and how to measure yourself.

This web page will show you how to measure yourself and a favorite garment so you’ll know not only your own size but your preferred size of a garment (and the difference between the two, known as ease).

It talks about the “standard” measurements that many knitting patterns use, how to read a schematic and what that diagram tells you, and how to use all that information to determine what size of a garment to knit.

There are also a few great sweater projects shown, all of which are part of free downloads you can access with a free membership to the Knitting Daily community. They have such great resources it’s really worth it for all the emails you’ll get.

Ready to take on your first sweater project? Here are some tips from me on how to knit a sweater.

[Photo via Knitting Daily.]


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