Learning about Silk with Knitting Daily

silk knitting dailyDid you know that Interweave has a YouTube channel? You can currently see more than 800 clips from Knitting Daily and Quilting Arts TV, as well as previews of shows, publications and workshops.

One recently posted video from Knitting Daily features Eunny Jang and Clara Parkes talking about silk yarn and blends. They note that silk has a lot of luster and drape but it’s also dense because it’s a solid tube with no crimp and no elasticity. You can stretch silk yarn and it won’t spring back, which is good for lace projects but not such a good idea for some other things you might like to knit (like garments).

Silk is often combined with other fibers, particularly merino, which adds elasticity and loft to the silk, while the silk brings a little shine to the wool.

Do you watch Knitting Daily? I did for the season or so it was on my PBS station, but I’m way behind!

[Photo by Knitting Daily.]

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