Local Yarn Stores and Customer Service

Today I was disappointed with my local yarn stores. It may have just been a bad day for the clerks also, as we had 6 inches of snow drop last night, but I was ready to spend money and they didn’t help.

I wanted a certain pattern for a sweater I saw online at the Brown Sheep Company. I had the required yarn because I bought it for a class, but this yarn wasn’t right for the pattern we were using in the class. Now, I should have used this yarn as a credit on the material I did use in class, but I so loved this Lamb’s Pride Worsted and wanted to keep it.

So, I called two of my local stores and ask if they had this sweater pattern made by Brown Sheep Company.

No they did not have the pattern. So not what I wanted to hear.

End of conversation. What?

Neither store volunteered to order the pattern I wanted. Not what I expected from either store because they both usually have great customer service. A good yarn store earns customers by word of mouth as much as they do advertising.

I really wanted that pattern! So I called Brown Sheep Company and asked if they sold to individuals. NO, they didn’t, but they did give me the name and number of a store that could help me. Ellen, of Needle Magic (1-877-922-0117) was highly recommended by the person at Brown Sheep. Ellen found the pattern, told me the required amount of yarn necessary, and took my billing and shipping info happily. She informed me that she works at the mill, but not for the mill and has access to all patterns and yarn that Brown Sheep carries. I will defiantly call Ellen again for more supplies.

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy, I can’t wait to get the pattern to start using some of my stash.

And, I will also give my local yarn stores another chance at allowing me to spend more money with them. Must work hard to keep them open! LOL

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