Look What She Made: Giant Cabled Rug

donatella giant knit rugDonatella from the Inspiration and Realisation blog (she’s Italian, so that’s not a misspelling!) shared a link with me showing off her excellent gigantic cabled rug.

I love this post because she explains all the things that went wrong along the way, why she ripped it out multiple times and how it ended up smaller than she’d intended.

The rug is made with a purchased T-shirt yarn, though you could of course make your own. She also made her super big, super long knitting needles that she used to work the rug, which turned out to be a cabled number with Garter Stitch edges for safety.

She says she wants to try another one when she has access to more yarn so she can make it giant like she’d planned. Either way, it’s very cool!

[Photo by Donatella/Inspiration and Realisation.]


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