Looking Ahead to 2014

knitting trends hatsLion Brand Yarn has released its predictions for the state of knitting in 2014. Based on the recent arm knitting trend, they call for more huge knits, as well as more yarn that does the work for us and more personalization of projects.

Pantone says we’ll be seeing orchid everywhere next year, and this pretty purple is a great shade for knitting and other crafts.

Another big trend Lion Brand and others are predicting is the increasing popularity of knit hats. Which makes sense, because hats are usually pretty quick and easy to knit, simple to personalize with different colors and patterns, and you can knit up a bunch to suit all your winter (and spring, and fall) styles without a huge outlay in time or supplies.

What do you think the world of knitting holds in the new year? Personally, I’m holding onto the colorwork trend (since I’m working on a book on the subject). I’d love to hear what you think.

[Photo via Lion Brand Yarn.]



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