Lucinda Guy, Nicky Epstein to Host Classes at Lion Brand

lucinda guyAttention, New York knitters! The Lion Brand Yarn Studio is preparing to host master classes by two awesome knitters — Lucinda Guy and Nicky Epstein — in November and tickets are becoming available soon for these great events.

Guy, a British knitter with a passion for the knitting of cold climates (see my review of her Northern Knits), is coming to the states to promote her upcoming book Northern Knits Gifts and will be teaching three classes at LBYS on the subjects of thrummed knitting, twined knitting and decorative Estonian cast ons.

Epstein, an American favorite who gets delightfully obsessed with knitting concepts and shapes, will be teaching on her new book, Knitting in Circles (that’s a link to my review, too). All of these classes are in November and you can register for them starting tomorrow, Sept. 1. What fun!

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