Mad Man Knitting Seeks Support

mad man knitting teddy bearI’ve told you before about Mad Mad Knitting, aka Gregory Patrick, a guy who it would not be a stretch to say was able to turn his life around by knitting teddy bears. Last year he launched an indiegogo campaign to raise money for supplies, which raised nearly $4,000 when his goal had been just $1,000.

He’s asking for some help again, this time because he’s overwhelmed with orders. He needs to be knitting in order to pay the bills, but he doesn’t have time to take on more orders (which is almost a nice problem to have) but needs help with expenses while he’s finishing up all the orders he already has pending.

If you want to knit a cute teddy bear (or bunny) for yourself you can buy his knitting pattern, or grab a copy of his ebook, all about how he made his journey from homelessness to beloved knitter of adorable toys. Either one will run you less than $3 and will go toward helping support and encourage a knitter who could use some of both right now.

Plus, the patterns are just really darn cute.

[Photo via Craftsy.]


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