Marathon Knitter to Finger Knit Through New York

finger knitting david babcockRemember the knitting marathoner? Last year David Babcock become the Guinness World Record holder for knitting the longest scarf ever made while running a marathon (at the Kansas City Marathon in October).

Word has it Babcock is headed back to Kansas City this year, but only for a half, because he’s also planning to run and knit through the New York City Marathon in November, and that presents a bit of a logistical challenge.

Knitting needles aren’t allowed on that course (I guess because of their potential use as a weapon?) and neither are bulky bags to hold yarn, so Babcock experimented with both arm and finger knitting to use instead, but found them both lacking.

So he developed a method of knitting with his fingers, in which his fingers are working like needles, that he can still do while running.

The NYC Marathon is special for a lot of reasons. It’s the first marathon Babcock ever saw, and he’s running it with a group of about 150 from NYC Athletes To End Alzheimer’s. Lion Brand Yarn Company is sponsoring his run, and you can learn more about his method of finger knitting by visiting his website.

[Photo via Knitting Runner.]

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