Marathoner Sets Record for Knitting While Running

marathon knittingI am capable of walking while knitting. I am not a runner, but even if I were I don’t think I would ever consider trying to combine the two pursuits.

But apparently running and knitting at the same time is enough of a thing that there’s a Guinness record for the longest scarf knit while running a marathon.

Susie Hewer has held the record since 2008, when she knit a respectable scarf of 5 feet, 2 inches at the Flora London Marathon. She broke her own record in April with a 6 foot, 9-inch scarf.

But over the weekend David Babcock shattered that record at the Kansas City Marathon, finishing a scarf of just over 12 feet in length.

On straight needles. While running.

I would at least use circulars.

His specs are as follows: acrylic yarn, 30 stitches wide on size 15 US plastic needles working garter stitch. His time was 5 hours, 48 minutes and 27 seconds.


[Photo by Jim Barcus of the Kansas City Star.]


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