More Amigurami Critters, and Hand’s Free Reading!

Found this today for all of you Amigurami buffs. It’s a nativity set, just in time for the holidays. It’s crocheted, not knitted, but I’m sure some of you can get past that, and besides, they’re just soooo darn cute!

Now, where are my hooks???

You know what would go perfectly with knitting or crocheting these little cuties? A hot cup of cider or tea, a warm fire (yes, up here in N. Mich I’ve already had the wood stove going) and an audio book to listen to.

I’ve had the priveledge of listening to two such audio books now, both on CD. One is called Knitting Lessons, read in a soothing, yet engaging manner and is very interesting. The other, Knit Knit is the story of knitters, some familiar, others not, from all over the globe who have added their own inspirations to knitting and knitters everywhere. These are both available from Knitting Out Loud as are several others. I will be listening to any and all I can get my hands on this winter. Such inspiration, sitting in my living room, knitting with the likes of Teva Durham, Annie Modesitt, Wenlan Chia, Norah Gaughn, and many, many others.

These audio books are must haves for me, I know you’ll love them too!

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