My Last Project of 2012

slip stitch scarfI’ve been meaning to share this project for a while because it was so fun and the yarn is so lovely that I wanted to talk about it.

Back in early December I went to the Arkansas Fiber Arts Extravaganza (which you can read more about on my blog, and see a video of all my luscious yarn purchases, too!) and one of the yarns I bought — the first one, actually — was this colorful skein of merino, silk and sparkle from Magic and Moonshine. The yarn is called Fairy Dust, colorway Sunday Kind of Love.

I was so attracted to it that I really wanted to start knitting with it right away. But I was knitting these mitts (over and over and over) so it wasn’t until the evening of the last night that I finally cast on with this yarn.

I wanted something simple, a scarf that I could wear on dreary days that would make me smile, and also something quick to knit.

I settled on Christine Vogel’s Drop Stitch Scarf, which is actually shown worked in a similar yarn to mine. The stitch is called seafoam stitch, and it almost couldn’t be easier.

Because of that, I did get a little bored the last day or two, but I love this scarf and I’m sure I’ll keep wearing it even after the weather warms up. You can check out my project on Ravelry, and why not friend me while you’re over there?

What was your last finished project of the old year? I’d love to hear about it!


  1. Knitting Teresa says

    I love the bright colors in that yarn. It certainly will brighten up any old dreary, gray day. I think you picked a perfect pattern to show off the colors in that yarn. I think the last project I finished in 2012 was my Advent scarf or a pair of fingerless mitts.


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