My Waaayyy Cute Sweater Jacket and A Note About Sizing.

This is one of the projects currently on the needles here at

It’s from Sandra, The Knitting Magazine, Dec. 03. (pretty bad scan, the magazine is close to totalled). I ran into a snag, as the pattern is supposedly written for a size 12/14. Not so much, unless over in Austria, their sizes differ markedly from ours. I guess the lesson here is pay attention not only to sizing but measurements. So after trying it on and finding it way too small (probably a size 6 I would guess) I decided to add a 2×2 rib panel on either side of the front, between the design squares and the fur yarn border. We’ll see how that plays out, I just finished the bands this morning.

This was a quick knit, enjoyable and easy, not boring but not too intensive either, I used Knit Picks Wool of the Andes, which I adore!

Now to find the perfect closure! Any ideas?

A note came across my desk about adopting a puppy or kitten for a Christmas present. I love critters, I’d have a houseful if I could get away with it, (hubby would not be happy), but I would love to encourage you, if you’re thinking along those lines, to visit either the local kennels or a rescue center. These animals are probably not the cute puppies and kittens, but they desperately need loving homes. Another option, you know all of those leftover swatches, squares and unfinished afghans, or the yarn you can’t stand to knit with that you don’t want to throw away? Why not whip up a blanket and donate it to your local animal shelter.

Off my soapbox now, off to knit some more, spin some more, and cuddle with Bu-Dawgh, my 60 lb lap dog shar-pei/spaniel thing. He has wrinkles! Lots of them! And he’s cute!


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