Needle Felt Yarn Ends for a Seamless Join

needle felted yarnOne fun way to get rid of little bits of yarn and to work with them a little more easily in a project is to make a crazy ball or a magic ball of yarn.

These are balls of yarn made with little oddments that are joined to each other so that you can just keep on knitting and not have to think about where to change colors.

Joining the yarns together is usually done by just tying them together, or, if you want to be a little fancier, doing a Russian join to more seamlessly join two yarns together.

Diana at Closet Crafter has another idea that works for magic balls or any other time you want to join two pieces of yarn together without having an end to weave in: needle felting.

A needle felting tool has a bunch of needles on it that you punch into the fibers, which eventually melds them together. It’s sort of the manual version of the felted join, but it works on acrylics and blends as well (but not cotton, Diana reports).

Have you ever made a magic or crazy ball of yarn? I’d love to hear about it and what you used it for.

[Photo via Closet Crafter.]

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