New Yarn – Knit Picks Aloft

Aloft is Knit Picks new yarn. 75% Super Soft Kid Mohair and 25% Silk.

I made a neck warmer out of this yarn. Very soft, totally scrumptious, lace weight yarn. Very nice to knit with also. It’s a bit scratchy on my neck, which surprised me, but I’m rather sensitive in that area (also I have a throat and chest cold so that could be part of it too). I put it under my sleeve and wore it on my arm all day and no problems, no scratching, no itching. Warm and soft, like a hug.

I used this double strand, on size 9 needles. I know. Lace weight on size 9’s, but it is  very nice. Tomorrow, I’ll wear it as intended to see how, after it’s blocked, it drapes. I’m sure I’ll love it.

Pretty affordable, too, at only 6.99 for a 246 yd ball. The color I used is cranberry, and while red isn’t my favorite, it sure knitted up pretty!

Get yours here:


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