Options for Increasing Stitches

increasing stitchesThis time of year I’m always thinking about the basics of knitting and the little things we can do to make even simple patterns look a little more interesting and beautiful (see my post “On the Importance of Details” for more on that).

So when I came across this article on increasing from the Twist Collective I knew I wanted to save it and share it. Most of the time knitting patterns will tell you what sort of increase to use, but if they don’t or you just want to change up the look of your project there are a lot of ways to add stitches. It can be as simple as a knit in the front and back or a decorative eyelet or get slightly fancier with a make 1 or a lifted increase.

None of these is difficult to execute, but they do all bring a different look to your project, so it’s worth having a bunch of increases (and decreases, though that’s a talk for another day) in your repertoire so you can use whatever a pattern calls for or whatever increase you like the look of best.

[Photo via Twist Collective.]

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