Perfect Daffodils to Knit for Spring

daffodil knitting patternAre the daffodils blooming where you live? They’re almost gone here, but we knitters do not have to be constrained by literal seasons.

I’m loving this knitting pattern for daffodils by Julie Taylor from Craftsy. They’re just lovely, and pretty darn easy, too. The fun part is that  you could make them in any color combination you like, even if it’s not one found in nature.

The pattern runs $1.50, which is less that a real one would probably cost you. I’d certainly enjoy getting a dozen of these more than the short-lived real version!

[Photo by Julie Taylor via Craftsy.]


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    bought myself the crehry wood needle holder boy, i have always needed one of those! thank you. their shipping rates for the midwest are cheap too!

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