Power Outages Do Not Enhance Knitting And Spinning!

On a personal note, we did the power outage thing this past weekend. It was fun. Actually, we’re pretty well set up for such things. We heat (and are able to cook) with wood and have all manner of candles and hurricane lamps that usually see only dust collecting services.

This is a GREAT opportunity to sit and knit or spin, yes? No! Not on a farm. Certain devious critters, who test fences regularly figure out that when the power is out, the fences don’t work. Yup, we chased horses and cows. Also, funny thing, the heat lamps and water pumps don’t work when the electricity goes bye bye. So we hauled water from the pond (5397 miles away – not really, but it seemed that way).

So, I guess, that’s my lame excuse for why my felted slippers STILL are not done! And why the Blue Faced Leicester that sits in my spinning basket is still sitting there, unspun.

But, in honor of this weekend’s Fun And Games On The Farm, I found these for you. Free Farm Animal Knitting Patterns (pictured above)!
How much fun! 

There are more free Animal Patterns here. Like Lizzie the Cow Tea Cosy and the Lion Washcloth.


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  1. Mary says

    Would love to knit some of these finger puppets, but the page is not found when clicked on the link?

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