Practice Slip Stitching with This Mosaic Tote

knit this cool mosaic bag from lion brand yarnI feel like slip stitch knitting does not get as much attention as it should as a really cool technique that makes color knitting easy.

When you work slip stitch or mosaic knitting, you’re only working with one color of yarn at a time on each row. To make the colorful pattern you slip stitches, so the color from previous rows is carried up, making a design.

You’ll get really comfortable with the technique if you knit the Slip Stitch Mosaic Tote from Lion Brand Yarn (free registration required to download).

This project is a cool sampler worked block by block, picking up stitches for the next piece as you go. It’s colorful, fun, and maybe a bit of a challenge if you’ve never worked mosaic projects before, but the results are well worth the learning curve.

Do you like slip stitch knitting? I’d love to hear how you’ve used it.

[Photo via Lion Brand.]



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