Purses for Preeclampsia Back on This Thursday

purses for preeclampsia jordana paigeLast week I told you about a fundraiser Jordana Paige was doing to benefit the Preeclampsia Foundation, but technical issues meant the sale was over almost before it began. So many knitters charged the website to snag imperfect bags for $50 to help a great cause, the company’s hosting company thought the site was under attack.

After a very frustrating day that still managed to raise $5,000 when the site was up and running, Jordana came up with another solution and the sale is back on tomorrow, Thursday, July 26. Starting at 8 a.m. Pacific time, people interested in snagging a bag can visit the company’s Facebook page (you do not have to have a Facebook account to visit or to take part in the sale, this is just how they’re running it) and click the “shop now” button (which does not yet exist, but will when the time is right).

A new bag will be put on sale every hour, and they’ll sell until they’re gone.

Up for grabs this time around:

  • L.J. Kaelms – Red, Green, Taupe and Teal
  • Rio – Olive Green
  • Bella – Bronze, Black and Pearl
  • The Knitter’s Satchel – Pink and Cypress Green
  • The Knitter’s Messenger – Deep Red/Green

Please, y’all, save a green L.J. Kalems for me, OK?


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