Quick Pet Toys to Knit

Following up on the challange given to me by Heather, our Needlework Editor, I did a search for projects that were:

1. faster to knit and

2. toys for her cats – she has a few ya know

So, my friend google found 1, 410,000 pages for me that contained the words “knitting pet toys”. I love google, don’t you? I can find many things with this wonderful tool, it really is a knitters friend. But, I digress.

One page I found at Knitty.com has patterns of wonton and eggroll shaped, knitted cat toys. This is really appropriate because Julie Falatko, the creator, makes these toys for her own pet cats. Cute

Lion Brand yarn has a free pattern for pets that is a Christmas ornament.

When knitted and filled with catnip, these toys should provide you and your pet hours of fun. Pets love to eat yarn, so you must play with your animal when you use these toys.

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