Reversible Cables with Lily Chin DVD

Last year Lily’s book Power Cables hit the shelves. This year, there’s a DVD to accompany.

Expert Lily Chin shows you how to knit reversible cables and expand your knitwear options!

Reversible cable knitting is Lily’s signature technique, and with this workshop video you’ll soon master reversible cable knitting, guaranteed.

Although complex looking, Lily makes knitting reversible cables easy with several ways for creating this unique reversible effect. Lily will guide you through the endless possibilities with a progression of stitches. You’ll learn:

• General cable knitting techniques that will be your strong foundation for venturing into reversible knitwear.

• Reversible cabled knitting that is ribbed, identical front and back, not identical front and back but still reversible, variations on simple reversible techniques, bicolored brioche knitting, mock cable knitting, and much, much more!

• Finishing techniques and yarn options for making your reversible knitting stand out in a crowd, including ways to make your knitwear less bulky, i-cord trims, and more.Whether knitting reversible cables with one color, two colors, or more—Lily’s teaching style will have you confidently knitting reversible fashions in no time.

Click here to see the video and buy the DVD!


  1. David Wolf says

    Is there a quality DVD on BRIOCHE knitting tecniques ? I have the Nancy Marchant book. but, I would realy like to watch a cool DVD on the subject.

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