Review – VTech Bluetooth Cordless Phone

So I have to tell you about this new phone I got. I know, I know, it’s nothing to do with knitting, but it’s pretty cool and I thought you might want to hear about it.

I know I live in the sticks and I know that when it comes to new technology, those of us up here in no-where’s-ville get left behind and maybe this is old news to you, but it’s pretty exciting to me!

So, obviously, the first thing I did was plug it in. It was already charged so that helped. Nice clear tone, easy to use and some interesting features. What? I can pair it with my cell phone? What does that mean? Well, after reading the how to’s I found out that I can make and receive calls on my cell line, through my landline! Down here, we don’t have much of a signal, texts barely get through, phone calls, not hardly at all, so to be able to use my cell phone at home is HUGE! And it will pair with 2 cell phones, so hubby’s phone is fair game too, although I haven’t done that yet.

Intercom? How does that work? Definitely something I can use since hubby spends a lot of time out in the garage. As it turned out that feature doesn’t work for us. To be fair the garage is roughly 300 feet away, and to put the base and the handset that far apart just doesn’t happen. Would be a cool feature though.

And oh, I forgot to tell you that you can download the contacts from your cell phone directly to the cordless. I wasn’t really familiar with how this would work so I tried it. Well, it didn’t do anything at first, and true to form, I got distracted, but when I thought about it again (the next morning) it was cool to find that all of my contacts had downloaded to the cordless phone. Instant directory!

I like the sleek design, it sits on the counter or can hang on the wall, and the handset, in the base, sits firmly unlike other cordless phones I’ve had. It doesn’t just fall out.

The phone is really easy to figure out, very intuitive, has a nice clear tone, answering machine with an optional answering service.

Another thing that is cool is that it will tell you how many calls you missed. This is part of the caller ID feature. Just another reminder that someone may have called and even though they haven’t left a message, you still don’t have to remember to check.

There are so many features I haven’t had a chance to play with yet, like transferring a call, chain dialing, joining a call in progress, speed dial, adding another handset, and oh, my gosh, so many others. (I have a sister-in-law who lives in LA who loves to laugh at my excitement of things that they take for granted in the big city, lol). About the only thing it doesn’t have is legs to walk itself back to it’s base, but it has a really great “handset finder” so I can live with that.

Anyway, I highly recommend this phone, it’s great and the price is pretty great too, less than $60.00!

Go HERE to check it out….


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    Great review. And I love technology, too, gets me excited to find out there is another ruburbian like me out there.

    One question. Do calls taken via your cell phone count against your minutes? My hubby and I are getting rid of cell phones in August – he is being laid off. But Verizon has a program that lets you keep/tie your cell phones to the home phone line. Just not sure if it will cost us every time we take a call on our cell phones.

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