Shawl Pins Make Really Cool Stocking Stuffers… Just Sayin’…..

I have got, are you ready? THE MOST GORGEOUS SHAWL PINS I’ve ever seen to show you! I’ll let that one sink in for a bit.


Absolutely Stunning!

I’ve actually had this pin for quite awhile and was waiting to tell you about it after I got it’s counterpart cardigan done. I specifically requested this very pin because the cardi in question is a fall, mossy colored thing. Well it’s not done. I know, you’re surprised. Shocked even. But I wanted to get the word out. Because…. Christmas is coming….. thinking really awesome stocking stuffers….. and if you hurry, you’ve probably still got time to get some for yourself…….

Hop over to Gita Maria, here: and drool over the incredible variety of pins, buttons, pendants, charms, and other jewelry she makes. Incredible stuff. All hand made one piece at a time (so it totally fits in with your handmade Christmas plans). And from the size of her catalog, she’s either incredibly ambitious, or she’s commissioned some of Santa’s elves to help out.

Now, just for fun, I searched for sheep, and guess what I found? Yup! A sheep button! And alpaca buttons too. Too much fun!

Go here quick:  and get yours today!


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