Snowflake Hats to Wear in the Snow and Beyond

snowflake hatsI may have seen enough snow for a while (after being snowed in for a week), but the snowflake motif is still a classic in knitting. I like snowflake hats enough that I’ve knit one in baby-size; I’m thinking about one for bigger people, too.

If you’d like to add some snowflakes to your next hat project, here are a few ideas for you.

The Snowflake Hat from Carissa Knits is a cute one, with snowflakes along the bottom and alternating colors in the top, which gives an extra layer of warmth inside. It’s also sized for 6 months to large adult, because she knit them for her whol family.

I love the bright colors in the Snowflake Hat from Newton’s Knitting, but of course you could go for a more subdued palette if that’s your style.

Evan Plevinski’s Snowflake Hat was designed for a Fair Isle knitting class, and it would be a great first project for stranded knitting. The snowflake motif covers the whole hat here, which is nice.

The earflap snowflake hat from Twisted Stitch OK was originally worked in cotton, but of course you could use wool or any other fiber if you need a warmer project.

And then there are the Ravelry downloads: I love Ikumi Kayama’s Snowflake Penguin Hat and may just have to steal her charts to make a wee version for my penguin-loving princess; the Snowflake Slouchy Beanie from Siobhan Brown is cute for a casual look; the Chunky Snowflake Hat from Silver Tabby Designs is another earflap warmer; and the Norwegian Fair Isle Snowflake Hat by Tim Doran is a bit more of a challenge but a beauty, for sure.


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