Snowflakes Revisited!

Lookie, lookie what I found! A snowflake headband, ear warmer pattern! Isn’t this pretty! And easy too, and Free!

In my continuing quest to find you all the snowflakes I can (this originally started out because I saw a snowflake shawl that was just gorgeous) and because I think snowflakes are just cool, I hit on this one.

Think how quick this would knit up, and you could really knit it in any color (my winter parka is a light green, so that, with bits of fuzzy cream from my stash would be really pretty), yeah, you guessed it, I’ve now got another project to do!

The pattern is here:, thanks to Knitting On The Net!

Sigh! Off to find green yarn, bits of creamy fuzz and to see if I have another set of needles I can employ!

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