Something We Can All Agree On: Hand-Knit Socks!

sockupied fall 12I couldn’t help but share this cute video from Sockupied, the online sock knitting magazine published by Interweave Press. They like to  close the issue with something interesting and fun like a cartoon and postcards from vacationing socks, but the latest issue features a video from Feet United for Prosperity, a faux-political organization devoted to encouraging people to turn away from store-bought socks and knit socks instead.

In this time of deep political rancor and contentious sports decisions, at least there’s one thing we can all get together on.

The issue also includes six sock knitting patterns, tips on the best toes for top-down socks, a look at jaquard knitting in garter stitch and much more. It’s available for download to Macs or PCs at the bargain price of $4.99.

[Photo by Interweave Press.]


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