SpinKnit Emag From Interweave

The first time someone suggested to me that I should learn to spin I likely looked at them like they’d grown a third head.

I didn’t  need another hobby, I said. Knitting is enough for me, I insisted until I saw some of the handspun that she had done, and I was near hooked. The following weekend, my husband brought home an old (pieces missing) home made castle style wheel from an auction. He said he thought I’d like it! Ha! The Universe, at that time, declared victory and another spinner was born. Since my wheel had “pieces missing” my friend loaned (ok, I bought it) me one of her wheels and taught me what to do with it.

So that’s my story. So what kinds of things keep me interested? How about Interweave’s new SpinKnit Emag! Joining Interweave’s collection of Emags their newest, SpinKnit  is 23 articles of sheep, and knittng and spinning wonder-ness!

This magazine features spinning and knitting in the Andes, knitting with energized s and z twist yarns, videos, slide shows and patterns are in these articles, and that’s only issue #1!

Check out this really cool resource here:

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