Spinning Recycled Denim Fibers….

While at the Northern Michigan Lamb and Wood Festival this past weekend I wandered into (technically this is correct, as in true tourist fashion I was bumping into all kinds of things and people – just ga ga over all of the yummies all around me!) anyway, I bumped into a gal who was spinning with recycled denim fibers.

Determined to figure out more about this, as soon as I got back to the computer, Googled it. Couldn’t find anything in Google, YouTube or EHow. So, last night at our spinning group, I asked. Seems these “recycled” denim fibers are leftovers from the “makin’ o’ the blue jeans” at the mills.

Clever! The spun fiber was white with a bit of the blue specks in, but just the idea of spinning recycled blue jeans has me thinking. You know those frayed edges when you get a tear in your knees, or when you cut off your jeans because you’re too short to wear a regular size (no, I’m not over it, I’m short!) ? Never mind, it would probably be pretty time intensive, so rather than ravel out my jeans at the meeting, we just concentrated on spinning the usual stuff, you know, like wool, cotton and dog hair!


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