Stevie Nicks is Looking for an Awesome New Shawl

Stevie Nicks is looking for a new shawlStevie Nicks is well known for her bohemian style, flowing clothes and shawls that accentuate her movement on stage, and now she’s looking for a new, handcrafted shawl to use in a photography shoot.

The singer has taken to Talenthouse, a sort of job board for artists, to put out her call for submissions. Interested designers can submit a sketch or a finished shawl as well as a description of why this is the perfect shawl for her.

The winner, who will be chosen by Nicks, will receive $2,000 to help them produce their final shawl, which Nicks will wear in photographs that will be posted on her website and on social media. The shawl will then be returned to the designer.

In her brief for the contest, which was also shared on Rolling Stone, Nicks said she started wearing shawls on stage in the late 1960s.

In 1968, a very handsome boy brought me a poncho from South America. I knew it was magic and that someday I would copy it in chiffon or leather or beaded material. I realized that wearing a poncho or a long shawl gave me something to work with up on the stage. Big movements, big twirls, you need to be seen from far away. So I made that a big part of my stage clothes. It became totally intertwined in my fashion style.

The competition is open through Sept. 22. Participants will also be eligible for a $500 prize based on the community’s choice of favorite shawl. Voting for that honor will take place between Sept. 22 and 29, and the winners will be announced Oct. 14.

[Photo via Talenthouse.]

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