Stitch a Washcloth for a Quick Gift

special washclothHere’s another one of those quick gift ideas you still have time to knit: a special washcloth from purl3agony.

This one is kind of fun for the knitter, too, because it starts with an I-cord edging that’s worked as you knit. It might seem a little fiddly to do this (you could always sub in garter stitch if you’d rather) it does give a nice finished and non0rolling edge to the cloth, and it’s just a little fancy if you’re knitting it for a gift.

Once you have the I-cord established, the textured pattern on the cloth is actually pretty easy. This is a really nice pattern that would be great to give along with a nice bar of soap and some lotion for a little pampering set with a handmade touch.

[Photo via purl3agony.]

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