Super Easy Lace Scarves

easy knit lace scarvesA scarf is a great place to start if you’re new to lace knitting because it’s small and quick to complete and usually uses the same, small, repeating stitch pattern throughout.

My Razor Shell Scarf uses a two-row repeat, and one of those rows is straight purling, so it’s about as easy as lace knitting gets. I also love the Zig Zag Lace Scarf, but it’s repeat is 16 rows and there’s action on both sides of the work, so it’s not ideal as a first lace project.

Here are some other ideas if you’re looking to get started on a quick and easy lace project. Fuschia12’s Easy Lace Scarf is as easy as lace knitting gets, just repeating yarn overs an knit two togethers. This one can be finished in no time with any pretty yarn from your stash and would be a great little quick gift, too. Ox Knit’s version is the same but with a row of straight knitting added between the eyelet rows. And Hockey Mom Knits has another one with a little garter stitch border on it that’s worked with stockinette as the base. Any of these versions is cute!

Turvid’s One Row Lace Scarf is another great option for new lace knitters, and it gives a pretty ladder effect.

Nancy J. Thomas’ Easy Lace Scarf is a little more complicated, for when you’re ready for some of those sk2p decreases we talked about yesterday. This one also has both written instructions and a chart if you’re ready to start working on chart reading.


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