Support a Knitting Comic Going to Press

worsted for wearHave you heard of Worsted for Wear? It’s an online comic that’s all about knitting, and the creators are looking to print a book full of the strips, but they need some help.

They’ve started a Kickstarter campaign that’s already off to a great start. The initial goal was to raise $3,250 for the printing of the book, but they’ve got lots of other great goals if (and it looks like when) they raise more money than that, including producing a ling of amigurumi dolls, how-to-knit comics and more.

Donations of as little as $1 are being accepted, but for bigger donations you can get physical and/or PDF copies of the book (as well as a novel written by one of Worsted’s creators), signed prints and other goodies.

This looks like a great cause and you can donate through April 10.


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