Test-Driving a Learn-to-Knit Pattern

fingerless gloves kollaboraSince I’ve been knitting for a long time, I’m probably not the best judge of what patterns are good for learning how to knit. I know the basics are best, of course, but sometimes it takes a beginner to really talk to beginners.

So I love this post from Stephanie at Henry Happened all bout her test-driving the Knockout Fingerless Gloves pattern from Kollabora. She had given up knitting after a failure on her second project, but she found this one quick and easy once she figured out how to cast on (and gave credit to the video tutorials for helping her).

The post is also full of great tips for newer knitters, including hiding your knitting from the kids so they don’t pull the needles out and counting rows when you want two pieces of knitting to match is length.

Good going, Stephanie, and I hope you’re well and truly a knitter now!

[Photo via Henry Happened.]


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