The Art Of Gift Wrapping, by Wanda Wen

This book has nothing to do with knitting, but I came across it and thought you’d enjoy hearing about it.

Using some of the most unconventional items on the planet Wanda wraps gifts. She takes old jewelry leftovers and wraps gifts. Banana leaves, grasses, and bark as well as the traditional papers, ribbons and bows, but in the most untraditional ways. Nothing is safe!

Jazz up your gift wrapping withWanda’s 50 innovative ideas using organic, unique, and uncommon materials.

Have you ever received a gift wrapped in lichen and moss? Or berries? Or how about topped with a bird’s nest and jelly beans? Go beyond boring and enter the twilight zone with taped candies, left over gauzes, crayon shavings, stamps and even rocks and stones. Very unique. And fun too.

You can get Wanda’s book, The Art of Gift Wrapping, at


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