The Iknitarod! Join Us!!

You’ve heard of the Olympics!

You’ve probably heard of the Ravelympics…

Now there’s the Iknitarod! Technically in its third season, this is a marathon knitting session. From the time the mushers  GO (or whatever mushers yell) to when the red lantern goes out (last musher crosses the finish line) we’ll be knitting up a storm.

What will you knit? Myself, I have a baby shower in a little over a week with nothing so far to show for it, so yeah, that will be on my needles. That will be my own personal knit along, and I’ll blog about that later, when I actually get started.

So, there ya have it! Another reason to knit your little heart out, as if you needed one!

Click over to HERE to get started….


  1. Boo says

    Wow! Thank you! I’m so honored you’ll be joining us for the Iknitarod! We’re a friendly, lively group, so feel free to say hi at any point. We’re even having a giveaway contest for people post their finished object before the red lantern goes out! 😀

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