Time for The Red Scarf Project Again

I’ve been a follower of the Red Scarf Project for years. This program, a part of Foster Care to Success, sends care packages that include red scarves to college students who have been in the foster care system on Valentine’s Day. It’s a sweet little reminder that someone cares about them and is thinking about them.

red scarf projectWhen I first heard about it, the project was pretty small. But it’s so big now that they only accept scarves for part of the year, and the time has come to start sending in your scarves if you want to take part in the program next year.

The project requirements are for knit or crocheted scarves that measure about 60 inches long and 5 to 8 inches wide. They’re for young adults of both genders, so keep that in mind when designing. They also should have red in them in some way, but you can choose the shade.

Scarves are only accepted between now and December 15, so get to knitting if you’re moved to.

One of my patterns, the Basketweave Scarf, is featured in their suggested patterns, but I actually knit a similar one, the 4×4 woven scarf, which I sent in to the project many years ago.

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