Very Cool, er uh, Warm Cabled Neckwarmer…..

I found this little gem just the other day. Isn’t it pretty? I like neckwarmers. Being of the northern variety my neck does get cold, but lacy just isn’t me; this is perfect. (And why is it that everytime I post a pattern on here I feel the urge to start just one more project?)

The intertwining braids are so much nicer than just blah cables, dress it up, dress it down, you know the routine, but hurry! Go get your needles. Raid your stash.  Go here: and get knitting!

Update on my own personal knitting progress. Way Cute Sweater Jacket is done, got another Flat Foot Sock done, and finally I think I’ve got my head wrapped around illusion or shadow knitting and have started the U of M scarf for my grandson last night.

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