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When I was given the View Stick a couple of years back to try out, I passed it along to my mom thinking that it would be the perfect aid for her to read the fine print of knitting patterns.  Being (relatively) young and well-visioned myself, it didn’t even occur to me that this gadget was something that would be equaly useful to me.  Well let me tell you, I was wrong.  Sundown Products was nice enough to give me another one last week at TNNA and as luck would have it, I’m currently working on a lace scarf that requires more pattern attention than I normally pay.  I attatched the View Stick to the chart I’m working on and let me tell you, this is the handiest tool I never knew I needed!

It magnifies the text so that your eye is automatically drawn to the correct place, it underlines the row you’re on so you’re not wasting time playing the guessing game, AND it’s adjustable so it’ll clip onto pretty much any page/paper/notecard that a potential pattern could possibly be printed on.

I love efficient little inventions like these!

Pssst…It’s available at your local JoAnn & Hobby Lobby Stores.


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    Neat! Thanks for the tip! My middle-aged eyes can use all the help they can get; and yet, I can remember when I was in my early 20’s doing lots of cross-stitch, this would have been helpful for me, too, as I was constantly losing my place on the charts!


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