Vogue Knitting’s Stitch Library

eyelettulipsThe latest in Vogue Knitting’s Stitch Library is Eyelet Tulips. This is a valuable resource, I know I’ve used it a bunch of times. You can view the whole stitch library, here: http://www.vogueknitting.com/node/79

Also, there are tutorials of techniques from used in the patterns featured in the magazine. Be sure to check those out, they are way helpful!

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  1. says

    i just want to say that i really love and appreciate this site/ very invormative.
    however, i do need some help in locating a stitch pattern that calls for knitting 4 stitches together from the front, then knitting 4 stitches from the back before knitting or purling the next 7 stitches. i thought the name of this stitch was shell stitch, but every shell stitch i pull up is not the pattern i’m looking for. can anyone help please?!!!!!

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