We All Knit A Yellow Submarine…

Check out this amazing knit (yellow) submarine cozy!I shared this one on my Facebook group for knitters over the weekend, but I couldn’t resist sharing it with you all, too, because it’s just so cool.

The HMS Otway in Holbrook, NSW, is a real submarine that is now part of a park. Local yarn enthusiasts worked up an estimated 2,500 square meters of knitting (and crochet, I’ll bet) to turn the submarine yellow.

Why, you might ask? Changes in the local highway bypassed the town, so this arts project was undertaken to draw attention to the town and bring some tourists back.

What a great idea and a lovely project. It will be in place for two weeks before the knit pieces are donated to charity.

[Photo by News Corp Australia via Weekly Times Now.]


  1. Evekyn says

    I think this is a lovely idea. Wish I could get there and join in with the fun – and have a look. Perhaps there might be other exhibits for visitors to see when passing through after the knitting/crochet has been dismantled.
    Best wishes from Knitters of the Griffith Knitted Garden.

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