What Are You Doing for I Love Yarn Day?

i love yarn dayOct. 12 is officially the second I Love Yarn Day, which is a holiday made up by the Craft Yarn Council to celebrate all things yarny. It’s not just about knitting, of course, but we knitters can certainly get in on the action by knitting (naturally), preferably in public, visiting our local yarn shops or otherwise supporting the yarn industry and the community of designers that provide so many fun things for us to knit and crochet through the year.

Speaking of designers, check out the design inspiration for I Love Yarn Day if you want to knit something special to wear on the big day (like Nicky Epstein’s cabbage rose) or a quick project you can knit on that day.

Knowing me, I’ll forget there’s anything special about that day and will just be knitting like mad trying to finish things up for my book.

How about you? Any plans to do anything special, or is every day I Love Yarn Day in your world?


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    Every day IS I love Yarn Day but it’s cool there is a specific day for it. I’ll be knitting up a Hallowe’en wig for a friend who has lost her hair to chemo treatments. Knitting it up in her school colors so she can wear it to football games.


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