What are Your Knitting Resolutions?

resolutions pollNow that we’re a couple of days into 2013, maybe you’ve had some time to think about crafty resolutions or goals that you might have for this year. I of course want to knit more, knit more for myself and finish more of the projects I start.

But I have other crafty goals, too, including exploring more crochet and dabbling in art journaling.

I’d love to hear what your knitting resolutions are, too, either here in the comments or over on my poll at About, where the most popular resolution as of this writing is to knit more from their stash. I’m totally there, too!


  1. says

    My knitting resolution this year is (strangely) to knit LESS! Whenever I start a knitting project, I have this weird need to get it done as soon as possible. So I knit, knit, knit – sometimes to the point where my wrist hurts – to get it done. I know – it’s crazy and stupid. So for 2013, I plan to slow down and enjoy my knitting projects, and NOT focus on getting them done. I’m only going to start projects that I really want to do, and pick only about 12 projects to do for the whole year!

  2. karen says

    My resolution/goal this year to first learn to use DPNs and make a hat. And the second resolution is to organize my spare bedroom/craft room.

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