What Knitting Looks Like in Stock Photography

What knitting looks like in stock photographyLots of websites use stock photography to jazz up their sites without having to pay a photographer, but there are a lot of problem pictures out there for people who are really in the know. And sometimes even for people who aren’t.

BuzzFeed recently combed through the archives of some stock photography sites and found some really, really awful pictures related to knitting.

They show people knitting while scantily clad (which, you know, I do all the time), a man utterly confused by his knitting (of course), people holding and laughing at yarn balls, and all sorts of other nonsense.

But I think the one pictured above (which originally came from ThinkStock) is my favorite. So, she’s supposedly knitting the hat she’s wearing, even though that would not be possible. I’m also not even sure how they made the hat look like that, with one side unraveled.

Take a look and let me know your favorite of these stunningly bad pictures!

[Photo via BuzzFeed.]


  1. KittenWithAWhiplash says

    At least the knitting is knitting, not crochet. It’s ridiculous how often the two are mislabled, not just by the muggles – which we expect to happen – but by retailers and people in the fashion industry.

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