Woman Arrested after Knit in at Gas Company

women knit in vermont protestA woman was arrested last week in Vermont after five women staged a knit in at a local gas company. Jane Palmer of Monkton was arrested after refusing to leave Vermont Gas Systems’ waiting room. The women were protesting a pipeline proposed for their area that would cross her property.

The women said they wanted the company to admit to illegally entering people’s property and to using eminent domain to seize private land for the pipeline with attempting negotiations with landowners. When the women were asked to leave, they pulled out their knitting and continued to talk to Eileen Simollardes, the utility’s vice president of project expansion, and others.

When the women refused to leave at the end of the business day, a reported five police cars came and Palmer was arrested.

Another protester, Mary Martin, said the group has become “reluctant activists” because the company will not deal with them in any other way.

The NPR report said Palmer was knitting a turquoise scarf at the time of her arrest. Palmer is the one in the floral dress in the above picture.

If you want to see more about this strange story, check out a 12-minute video on the Burlington Free Press website.

[Photo via Burlington Free Press.]


  1. Linda Kennedy says

    Not at all strange. Just 5 amazing ladies making themselves heard. Good for them, I wish them success in their campaign.

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