World Cup Yarn Bombing Hits UK Beach Town

Check out the yarn bombing for the World Cup in Saltburn.The knitters of Saltburn in the UK love decorating their pier for all sorts of occasions, such as the 2012 Summer Olympic Games and the Queen’s Jubilee.

This time the Yarnstormers have stitched up a tribute to the teams participating in the World Cup. There are characters and symbols for the represented countries, such as Swiss cheese, a hot dog for America, Russian dolls and a Frenchman complete with picnic basket and a string of onions (yes, national sterotypes are played up to a big degree here).

You can see more pictures, as well as highlights from other yarn bombs from Saltburn, at Love Knitting. The one shown is in honor of Spain’s victory at the last World Cup.

Would you ever take part in a giant installation like this? It’s kind of amazing.

[Photo via Love Knitting.]

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