A Cute Butterfly for New Knitters

knit butterflyIf you’re teaching a child — or, heck, an adult — to knit over the holidays, or you’re a new stitcher yourself, I’ll bet you’ll like this little knit butterfly tutorial from Knitting Image.

These little bugs are made out of little bits of knitting that are lightly shaped, but you could probably do the same thing with a square made by a newer knitter. What a charming reminder of a first knitting project that would be!

Even knitters who’ve long ago progressed beyond simple shapes will love these little butterflies, which would be great as decorations on bags or used on hair clips. If you know a little girl I’m sure you can come up with a ton of reasons to knit them.

They’re also the perfect way to use up tiny bits of yarn and leftover buttons. What could be better?

[Photo via Knitting Image.]


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    I am glad you are enjoying the butterflies, if you don’t fancy using wire then sew the butterfly body to your project and darn on some antennae and top with tiny buttons! Jane x

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