A Mysterious Knitalong for the Ravellenic Games

tsuga raven knitsNow here’s a cool idea: as part of the “Ravellenic Games,” Raven Knits has designed a mystery shawl knitalong that will be released periodically during the course of the Olympics (which start Friday!).

It’s not a complete mystery; you can get a look at the Tsuga shawl right now, but the pattern is being released in pieces. First will come a gauge swatch pattern, which for some reason isn’t going to be released until the 24th, with steps of the pattern being released on July 27 and 31 and August 4 and 8. The full pattern will be available August 16.

What we do know about the pattern is that it’s a top down triangular shawl with flared wing tips and the option of adding beads in a couple of sections. It looks like a beauty if you’re still looking for something to knit while you watch the Games.

And if you don’t know about the Ravellenic Games, that’s an opportunity for knitters and other fiber artists to challenge themselves to create something they start during the opening ceremony of the Olympics and finish before the Games are over. (Just don’t call it Ravelympics, OK?)

Are you knitting something for the Olympics? Spill it!

[Photo by Raven Knits.]


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